Plant Disease Identifier

Want to know what type of disease your plant affected with,then Upload a images of (Tomato, Potato) plants and get to know the disease it posses and the remedies and pratical video explanation to prevent further loss of plants.

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Do's & Don'ts



The Algorithm works well with single leaf at a time, so try uploading images with one leaf



The Algorithm won't predict when more leaves in one image, it is good at predicting one leaf at a time

Few Diseases

Tomato Leaf Curl


Curling tomato leaves may be a sign of a viral infection. Normally this virus is transmitted through whiteflies or through infected transplants.

Tomato powerdy


Caused by the fungus Oidium lycopersicum, is a relatively new disease in North America that has the potential to affect both field and greenhouse tomato production.

Tomato stemrot


Stem rot, is a fungal disease. It appears sporadically around the time tomatoes start to flower due to the favorable conditions that heavy tomato foliage cover creates.

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